2013 Michelin Guide Tokyo and Kyoto Online


Great news from Gurunavi, a major Japanese restaurant search site. It has the English-version website for the 2013 Michelin Guide Tokyo and Kyoto. Both of these publications are published by Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.

The online version includes 712 restaurants, hotels, and Japanese inns. Currently, the Japanese version is available in print as well as by subscription for online access. So, we English readers are fortunate that Gurunavi has made this available for free.

This service will not only help English speakers residing in Japan, but also will help Japan-bound travelers plan for their trip. Links to official restaurant sites are available.

The website is released with the sponsorship, support and collaboration of 19 enterprises, groups and local governments, including East Japan Railway Company, Japan Airlines, Japan Airport Terminal, Japan National Tourism Organization, Kansai International Airport, Keisei Electric Railway, City of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Narita International Airport Corporation, Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tokyo Metro, and West Japan Railway Company. It also has the full approval of Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.

Established in 1996, GURUNAVI is a major search site for restaurants in Japan providing accurate, up-to-date and detailed information on menus, courses and chef suggestions. There are over 500,000 nationwide listings and 28 million monthly users. Here is the English site for Gurunavi which includes non-Michelin starred restaurants.

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  1. Oadt says:

    Is the english version copy will still be available to buy?

    1. My understanding is that it is online only. I don’t know why this decision was made. I was told that putting it online makes it available to more people around the world. That being said, I still see the need for a book.

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