Ginza Harutaka 銀座青空

Ginza Harutaka
Ginza Harutaka (photo from old shop)

Chef Harutaka developed his skills with 12 years at Sukiyabashi Jiro. This sushi restaurant is popular with top chefs in the city. Sit at the counter and watch the young, talented and soft-spoken chef as he handles the seasonal seafood with care and deft. Part of the delight in dining here is taking in the beautiful vessels he uses to hold the seafood. No detail is overlooked at this restaurant that comes highly recommended by top chefs in the city.

* Harutaka moved to a new location in 2016. Address listed below.

Ginza Harutaka 銀座青空

6F, Ginza Tokiden Bldg, 8-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku (new address as of 2016)


5:00 – 24:00 (Saturday until 22:30)

closed Sunday and holidays

no website

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  1. Ed Wong says:

    Hi Yukari,

    I’ve bought your book Food Sake Tokyo and find it to be lovely. Could you please advise what is the average price per head for dinner at Ginza Harutaka?



    1. yukarisakamoto says:

      Dear Ed-san,

      I would budget 20,000 JPY for an omakase course. Add more if you are going to have sake. Enjoy. Let me know if you go. I don’t know if he will remember me, but you can tell him Yukari Pratt sent you (my name before I was married). Many of my chef friends all suggest this as the best sushi in Tokyo. I thought it was the best I have ever had. Better than shops that get three Michelin stars in my opinion.

      Where do you live?


  2. Ed says:

    Hi Yukari-san,

    Yes I will probably go, given how strongly you recommend Harutaka-san’s sushi! I had been to Sushi Kanesaka last year, but found it so-so. Perhaps because I did not order Omakase and when chef asked me “Sushi?” I simply replied yes! I’ll remember to order Omakase for sure next time.

    I currently live in New York and will be visiting Tokyo in late January.

    Thanks for all your help!


    1. yukarisakamoto says:

      Cheers Ed-san.

      You’ll love Harutaka. Ask for “shun no sushi” which is seasonal. It is the same as “omakase” as the chef will pick out seasonal items. Also, it’s good to let him know your preferences, if you like whitefish “shiromi ga suki” or fishy fish “ao zakana ga suki” or any other preferences like “uni ga suki” for uni or “maguro ga suki” for tuna.

      In NYC, have you been to En Japanese Brasserie in the West Village? It is one of my favorites for a variety of Japanese food, including their freshly made tofu.


  3. jay lin says:

    Hi Yukari,
    i’m planning on going there in a few weeks, i’m just wondering whats the price range for this place? Cuz i don’t speak a word of japanese also and i’m planning on doing the “omakase”
    my friend told me that there’s a 18000 or 25000, but his japanese isn’t that great so i just want to double check
    thanks Jay

    1. yukarisakamoto says:

      Arigato Jay for visiting the site. I would budget 20,000 to 30,000 JPY for an omakase. Before you go, have your hotel call and give your budget. Also, if there are any particular sushi you like or anything you don’t like or can’t eat, have the concierge convey that before your arrival. Enjoy!

  4. jay lin says:

    Thanks for the reply Ykari,
    i will have my hotel call them, thanks

  5. yukarisakamoto says:


  6. jay lin says:

    Sorry, quick question, i’m going from the airport directly to the Shinbashi station (JR line)
    i was wondering if it’s possible to give me the details on which exit i should take when i get to the shinbashi station? thanks

  7. yukarisakamoto says:

    Good question. I just took a look at the map online in English and it’s hard to tell. Can you contact your hotel and have them confirm? Maybe when they make the reservation for you at Harutaka. I think you want the Ginza exit, but best to confirm.

    Here’s the map I found.

  8. jay lin says:

    thank you so much for your help Yukari

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