Ukai Toriyama in Takao

Gardens of Toriyama

Gardens of Toriyama

On the outskirts of Tokyo in the shadows of Mount Takao (Takao-san) is Toriyama. Part of the famous Ukai chain of restaurants, is a garden filled with private rooms for a meal based on grilled chicken kaiseki. This is a dining experience that is worth the trip out to Hachioji, about an hour from Tokyo station on an express train, followed by a shuttle bus to the restaurant.

Grilled Fish at Toriyama

Grilled Fish at Toriyama

Several courses are presented, including this grilled fish presented on pine leaves.

Rice Course

Rice Course

A view of the room and the rice course (shime).

Kimono-clad waitresses in the garden

Kimono-clad waitresses in the garden

While dining in your own private room you feel as though you are the only one there. On your way home after your meal you may see the waitresses in colorful kimono bringing courses to the different guest rooms scattered throughout the garden.

Ukai Toriyama

Hachioji, Minami Asakawa 3426



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