Food Sake Tokyo updates

We are sad to hear that in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, that the Yaoya no Nikai restaurant above the Kanematsu vegetable shop has closed. Nearby is a similar restaurant serving meals based on Kyoto vegetables, Kyo no Okazu. Here is a PDF food-sake-tokyo-updates-20170221 of the most current updates to Food Sake Tokyo. Please print for your next…

Food Sake Tokyo Updates

Attached, please find the updates to my book, Food Sake Tokyo. The bottom link is a PDF to the complete updates. Ginza Harutaka has moved to Ginza 8-3-1, Ginza Tokiden 6F. food-sake-tokyo-updates-20161110

Food Sake Tokyo Updates

Ivan Orkin has closed both of his shops in Tokyo and focusing his energy on projects in New York City. We look forward to the day when Ivan is back in Tokyo with another Ivan Ramen and wish him the best in NYC. The updates below are current as of 6 March, 2016. Please print…

Food Sake Tokyo updates

Ito-ya Ginza has reopened its original store. That and other updates to Food Sake Tokyo on the PDF below. Please print and bring with your copy of Food Sake Tokyo. Current as of 6 July 2015. Food Sake Tokyo Updates 20150706

Food Sake Tokyo Update – Kanda Yabu Soba is closed

Sad news came to Tokyoites on the news last night as video footage of a fire at the historic Kanda Yabu Soba. News reports that no one was injured in the fire. The fire started last night during dinner service. One of the restaurant employees smelled smoke and the restaurant was quickly evacuated. What I…

Food Sake Tokyo Update – Nakaiseki Sen has closed

Chef Yumiko Kano’s Nakaiseki Sen has closed. She has moved locations and focusing her energy on her cooking school. Classes are in Japanese only. I recently attended a class here and learned so much about cooking with Japanese vegetables. Definitely worth visiting if you speak Japanese. Her website is below (Japanese only). ホーム

Food Sake Tokyo Book Updates

Some updates to my book, Food Sake Tokyo: New Castle Curry in Ginza has closed. Hasegawa Saketen in Azabu-Juban has moved to a new location around the corner. The new address is Azabu-Juban 2-2-7.

Update – Fukumitsuya in Ginza has closed

In Food Sake Tokyo on page 182 I have listed Ginza Fukumitsuya (Chuo-ku, Ginza 5-5-8) as a sake shop worth checking out. Unfortunately they have closed their doors as of July 31, 2011. It is so sad to see special shops like this shut their doors. FYI, the other shop listed in Food Sake Tokyo…

Food Sake Tokyo Update – Nebariya in Hatagaya is closed

UPDATE to Food Sake Tokyo: Nebaryiya, a restaurant specializing in natto and other sticky and slimy foods has closed. This is mentioned in the natto section in Food Sake Tokyo. Natto, fermented soybeans known for its stinky aroma and slimy texture, is one food that may be hard for non-Japanese to appreciate. Popular at breakfast…