$3 Soba Noodles

¥420 ($3) for train station soba.

It’s not unusual to find soba shops inside of stations in Japan. Many of them are tachigui stand-and-slurp styles as these are very quick meals. This shop, Irorian Kiraku, is in Yotsuya station. This shop had seats. Only 420 yen ($3) for a bowl of noodles for the morning special. 

sansai mountain vegetables

wakamé sea vegetables

negi Japanese leeks

onsen tamago soft boiled egg

With the weak yen Japan is a bargain.

If you need a quick meal or for just a fun experience, try tachigui (stand-and-eat) soba in a train station. Purchase a ticket from the vending machine outside of the shop. There are often some photos of the popular dishes posted. Staff can help you order if the vending machine doesn’t have photos of the dish. The noodles usually are served within a minute or two of ordering.

Water is self-serve and there is shichimi seven spice for sprinkling over the noodles. Tempura is a popular topping. For a heartier meal try soba with curry.


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