Nabe Hot Pots

Nabe hot pots

In the cold of winter donabe hot pots keep us warm and nourished. The nabe pot collection includes a variety of designs for sukiyaki, oden fish cakes, yūdōfu tōfu, tagine-style, okayu rice porridge, and earthenware pots in a variety of sizes including for one person.

Kanazawa kamaboko 🍥 oden

The colorful fish cake oden nabe is made with fishcakes from Kanazawa.

Mizutaki chicken and vegetables

Mizutaki is a crowd pleaser of chicken and vegetables. The photo here is a one-person nabe of chicken, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, spinach, shirataki noodles, and lotus root in a kombu dashi. I serve it with a tart and aromatic ponzu dressing.

Pork, kimchi, and tōfu

Another easy hot pot to whip together is kimchi, thin slices of pork, and tōfu.

Tōfu and soy milk

A super simple one is soy milk with soft tōfu. But, cook gently as the soy milk can burn.

Buta pork shabu shabu

Buta shabu is also a favorite in our home. Thin-sliced pork and vegetables.

Takikomi Gohan

Cooking ingredients with rice in a donabe – as simple as ginkgo nuts or with chicken, bamboo shoots, carrots, and mushrooms.

Donabe cookbook

The Donabe cookbook by Naoko Moore @mrsdonabe and chef @kyleconnaughton is an excellent cookbook to get started. 

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