Tsukiji Gyoza and Ramen at Home

Tsukiji Gyoza
Tsukiji Gyoza

In the outer market of Tsukiji is a great little shop selling gyoza wrappers and ramen noodles called Dai-Ni Tsukiji Seimenjo. It is a tiny stall and for us, are some of the best gyoza wrappers in Tokyo. If you are looking to make ramen at home, then get your freshly made noodles here.

Tsukiji Gyoza at Home
Tsukiji Gyoza at Home

Dai-Ni Tsukiji Seimenjo 第二築地製麺所

Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 4-9-7 中央区築地4-9-7


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  1. Amelia says:

    Oh this is interesting! I dream of being able to buy fresh wrappers and noodles from a shop that specializes in these items! They do sell “fresh” wrappers and noodles in supermarkets, but those are not made the same day and often have preservatives. Are these types of shops still common in Japanese cities these days? I would love to live in a neighborhood that had a ramen/gyoza wrapper shop, a tofu shop, etc. Not super expensive gourmet items, but just for everyday use.

    1. Sadly the tofu shops and other specialty producers are slowly disappearing. It’s hard to find fresh made gyoza wrappers, so for us this is a treat. It is possible to find fresh wrappers and noodles in the local supermarkets, but they are not as good as the ones we found at Tsukiji Market.

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