Still Craving Korean Fried Chicken – CLOSED

*** Updated 1 September 2016. KyoChon has closed.

I was so excited to hear that a Korean fried chicken (KFC) restaurant opened in Roppongi. I have yet to find good KFC in Tokyo, even after scouring Okubo and Shin-Okubo, where many Korean restaurants are.

KyoChon had a few missteps while I was there and I don’t know if I will go back. I came on a quiet weekday for a late lunch. The restaurant was only about a quarter full and the girl who greeted me told me there was a time limit of two hours per customer. I was so confused. I told her that I surely would be gone in two hours.

When the menu is presented I was told that all of the chicken is made from scratch and that it takes at least 20 minutes. Really? I just got seated and I’ve already been told about how long I have to wait to eat and when I will be pushed out the door.

So, I ordered a chicken salad to kill time while waiting for my KFC. The salad was fine, but the dressing was too sweet. To top it all off, they brought my chicken shortly after I got started on my salad. It was not 20 minutes, I don’t even think it was 10 minutes.

So, the chicken was good, but nothing close to as good as what I have had in NYC or Singapore. That, or I was just in such a sour mood as the chicken came so quickly.

KyoChon Roppongi

Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-1-7 港区六本木5-1-7


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  1. Adam says:

    Have you tried any of the 4 restaurants listed here? (Tabelog shortened link)

    or here?

    Yet to try any of these places myself, but it may help with your elusive hunt for quality KFC in Tokyo…!

    1. Arigato. I have tried one of them, and it was ok, but not as good as in NYC. I need to go to Seoul to see what the real thing is all about.

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