Taco Rico

Taco Rico
Taco Rico

I don’t remember when I was so excited about a new restaurant. Taco Rico is in the Ark Hills complex in Roppongi. There are a handful of tables in the brightly lit restaurant, but most of the diners over the busy lunch hour were taking their lunches to go. The shop reminds me of Chipotle with the ingredients on display and diners asking for which items to be included on their tacos or burritos. However, it still has it Japanese touches in service, the staff welcomed guests with a genki, “hola, irasshaimase”. While one of the cooks was warming up the flour tortillas for burritos she would count “uno, dos” and the rest of the staff cheerily joined in for a “tres”.

Thankfully the cuisine does not seem altered for the Japanese palate, but tastes like the tacos I am used to in the US. Someday I hope to experience tacos in Mexico.

I had a quick chat with one of the managers (perhaps the owner?). He said that the tortillas are made fresh every morning in house. I asked him when he would be opening along the Chuo line and he said that the shop has only been open for two months. Here’s hoping they open up around the city soon.

Taco Rico

Minato-ku, Akasaka 1-12-32, Ark Mori Bldg. 2F


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  1. susandalzell says:

    Thanks for sharing! I will look for them the next time I’m in Roppongi. Love tacos!

    1. I had the carnitas tacos and will go back to try some of the other dishes. Worth a special trip. 🙂

  2. oliver says:

    Mexican food in Tokyo is one thing, good Mexican is another. Thank u for sharing! We always look forward to your reviews. Look forward to Taco Ricoing & fyi, have you tried Michi’s new place EAT? I’d like to hear your opinion on his burrito.

  3. Arigato, Oliver-san. I hope you like Taco Rico. I can’t get enough of it.

    I went once to EAT but was disappointed with the burger there. Is the Mexican food good here?

  4. oliver says:

    I hear ya…
    Michi’s got a new home…(Tokyu Stay Hotel). Give Michi’s burrito a chance. After burgering at Blacow’s (that’s a nap on a plate), Beacon, Baker Bounce (sangenjaya), AS Classics (komazawa), Burger Mania (hiroo), Martiniburger, Homeworks(hiroo) & EAT, our favorite burger date is Reg-On Diner in Shibuya. But so looking forward to hoofing to Taco Rico…continued success to you and your endeavors!

  5. Do you have information on Michi’s Tokyu Stay Hotel location? I can’t seem to find it online. Is there anything besides burritos? Tacos?

    Love MartiniBurger, just wish they served French fries with it. I can’t seem to enjoy a burger unless I have some fries with it. That is the American in me. 🙂 Will check out Reg-On Diner. Arigato!

  6. Oliver says:

    My bad, I should have mentioned he goes by EAT.
    Here’s the tabelog listing for EAT:
    Michi has a new menu!
    And I so hear ya about the fries. If they could saddle the burgs here with “And The Friets” fries, that would be red,white&blue true.
    Thank you once again, I’ll have to hoof over for some lemon pie for Forth of July!

  7. And the Friets rocks. They have opened a branch in Tachikawa I need to check out.

    Does Michi do any other Mexican besides burritos?

    Did you make it over for a slice of lemon pie? It takes me back about 40 years.

  8. Oliver says:

    Hope you find yourself in Tachikawa territory And The Friet! I don’t believe Michi does other Mexican entrees. His burrito is offered with carnitas OR chicken, chicken gets my ¥en. ( Have eaten at La Jolla, Salsita, Junkadelic and still have to get to Hacienda del Cielo.) Wahoo’s Taco’s burrito in Odaiba takes me to a happy place too!
    Still have to lemon pie… an out of town visitor wanted Tamaki’s pizza at Pizza Strada, so Pie is still on the radar! Thank you Yukari. Why Bourdain hasn’t found you yet!!

  9. Are you in Tachikawa? Thanks for reminding me about Pizza Strada. Has been on my Go List for so long.

  10. Oliver says:

    Taco Rico’d this evening & enjoyed their carnita tacos! The corn tortillas are so nice, and so are his chips. Glad to see he was busy with in house diners too! Gracias Yukari-san!

  11. Oishii deshou? Love this spot. Can’t wait for them to open their branch on the Chuo line (whenever that is)…

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