Fermintxo Boca

Fermintxo Boca Pasta Paella
Fermintxo Boca Pasta Paella

Fermintxo Boca is a lovely Spanish spot hidden behind the escalators on the first floor of the Ark Hills South Tower. Lunch, which includes an appetizer plate, main dish, and coffee, is a bargain starting at 1,200 JPY. The pasta paella at lunch is made with splinters of angel hair pasta cooked in a rich seafood broth studded with scallops, squid, and shellfish. The aroma of the ocean filled the table when the large dish was set down.

fermintxo boca steak
Fermintxo Boca Steak

The steak is seared on the outside and red on the inside, perfectly paired with meaty mushrooms. The restaurant is usually full at the peak noon lunchtime, so go early or late. It’s casual here and at this lunch it was filled with ladies, so lots of chatting. Staff are friendly and welcoming. Fermintxo Boca is also getting a lot of press lately for its sandwiches, so I will be back. This is a great spot for lunch. It’s a small restaurant, and fills up quickly. There is a counter overlooking the open kitchen, great for solo diners. Fermintxo Boca offers a great value at lunch.

Fermintxo Boca

Minato-ku, Roppongi 1-4-5, Ark Hills South Tower 1st Floor

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  1. SonP says:

    Hello Ms Sakamoto, I’ve been enjoying your blog for several weeks now. Unfortunately my travel plans don’t often take me to Japan. I have a 4 day trip to Tokyo coming this week and I CANNOT wait. I have a few quick questions if you don’t mind. I would love to try Kaiseki but I have a shellfish allergy. Could you recommend a restaurant which would be easy for English speakers to navigate? I would be willing to work with our concierge if needed, but I would need to explain my allergy somehow. From your description, I would love to try Nihonbashi Yukari. Finally, could you recommend any restaurant in Narita (the city, not the airport) for an early meal? I am meeting my travel companions in Narita at 8 am and we were hoping to walk to Naritasan temple before heading into Tokyo.

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