Gotta Get – Green Tea at Tsukiji Market Jugetsudo


Tsukiji Market is the most popular destination for our Food Sake Tokyo tours. Perhaps the most popular item that clients buy to bring home with them is Japanese green tea. My favorite tea shop in the market is Jugetsudo which is at the Maruyama Noriten Shop. The shop sells a variety of tea including mattcha, genmaicha, hōjicha, and seasonal teas like a sakura tea that has cherry blossoms mixed with the green tea.


What I recommend for busy people who are not in the practice of steeping loose tea are these convenient tea packs. The tea can be served hot or cold. The cold tea is cold brewed simply by putting one bag with a liter of cold water in the refrigerator. A small package of 15 tea bags retails for 400 JPY. This larger package of 70 tea bags retails for 1,570 JPY.

Jugetsudo tea

Here is the cold brew green tea. It is refreshing and nourishes me through the summer.

If brewing hot tea, then only 15 seconds in 100 degrees Centigrade water.

Maruyama Noriten and Jugetsudo have three shops at Tsukiji Market. The photo above is in the outer market:

Tsukiji 4-14-17

The Main Shop, which has recently been renovated is at Tsukiji 4-7-5.

The inner market, jōnai, shop is at Tsukiji 5-2-1.

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  1. Konnie Smithers says:

    We were in this shop in October and I purchased the green tea photographed above and am in love. Is there any way to purchase their products online?

    1. I don’t think that they shop overseas. Where do you live? I might be able to send it to you, but would charge for my time. Can you e-mail me? Our e-mail address is under “about” on this blog.

      1. Chakrit says:

        Dear Yukari,
        I really like this tea so much as it can’t compare to another and it is so true that this product only available at Tsukiji. Could you please help us send it oversea. I would like to accept your charge for your time. Please kindly reply as I really can’t find “about” on this blog.
        With Thanks,

      2. Kathleen says:

        Hi Yukari!
        I love this tea and it was unfortunate that I only bought one bag to bring back home. I can’t find your email address anywhere. Is it possible for you to send it to Australia? Waiting for your reply 🙂

      3. It is a lovely tea. We drink it all-year long. Cold in the summer, hot in the winter. I have sent you an email. Arigato.

      4. Tiffany Nguyen says:

        Hi. I purchased the tea in the picture above and have been searching all over USA. Do you shop overseas?
        I would be interested in purchasing 15 bags. Please me let me know. Thank you .

      5. Sorry I don’t offer that service.

  2. Jantarat Rorenthal says:

    We bought a package of the same tea. It is almost gone now. I will be more than happy to pay for your time if you can send me the tea. I try to look it up online, they have the website but not the product.

  3. Jantarat Rorenthal says:

    I would be really great if you can send the tea. My husband and I went to Tokyo and got only one package. Of course, if you have the time. We also are more than happy to pay for your time. Thank you.

  4. Dinoltan says:

    May I ask what type of green tea is this?

    1. It is 80% mecha, the buds of new tea leaves.

  5. Robert Lio says:

    How can I order tea??

    1. Dear Robert san,
      Sorry, I don’t think that they ship overseas. Are you in Japan by any chance? I wish that I could help but due to the pandemic it’s very complicated to ship packages. Good luck. Hopefully you can travel to Japan and buy some then!
      Kind regards,

      1. Canh Nguyen says:

        Hi Yukari,

        I am looking for same to send to Australia.
        Can you please do us the favour buying and sending to us.

        I will pay for the additional charges.

        Much appreciated
        Canh Nguyen

      2. Hi there, Canh,
        I wish that I could help you but due to the pandemic it’s very difficult to ship packages from Japan. I am not able to help you at the moment. Sorry. Hopefully the border will reopen soon and you can come to Japan. FYI, the company also has a shop in Paris. Not sure if they are sending overseas from Paris. I don’t believe the Tokyo shop is shipping overseas.

      3. Canh Nguyen says:

        Hi Yukari,
        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        Hopefully, Japan will open its door to visitor soon.
        Can’t wait 🙂

  6. It looks like the border is opening to students. Hopefully later to tourists. Maybe we can meet for a market tour then?

    1. Canh Nguyen says:

      Hi Yukari,
      Sounds great, can’t wait.

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