Tokyo Station Breakfast – Beef Stew

Tokyo Station Breakfast

Nihon Shokudo, literally the Japanese Dining Hall, serves a beef stew made with a rich demi-glace for breakfast. The middle of the stew is a seasoned rice and the bread is a buttery croissant-like dough. A sumo wrestler would be happy to start his day with this meal.

Located inside of Tokyo Station, the restaurant interior is like a dining car on the old trains, perfect for this major transportation hub. Tables are lined with linen and service is serious. Most of the customers are on the older side. Travelers walk by the window quickly, almost giving a feel that the restaurant is a moving train. This restaurant is very popular at lunch and dinner times, so breakfast is a good time to give it a try. Nihon Shokudo opens at 7 a.m.

Nihon Shokudo

Tokyo Station GranSta Dining (1st floor)




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