Turret Coffee at Tsukiji

Turret Coffee is a godsend for anyone visiting Tsukiji Market. Up until now I couldn’t find a coffee shop that had espresso. Surprising considering that most of Tsukiji’s business takes place in the early morning hours. Turret is the name of the vehicles the delivery boys drive at Tsukiji Market.

Turret Coffee opened in October, 2013. Speaking with the owner, Kiyoshi Kawasaki, he said that business is a little slow. His shop is down a narrow side street off of one of the major streets near Tsukiji’s outer market. It happens to be a few steps beyond a Starbucks. But, if you don’t know about Turret Coffee, you wouldn’t venture beyond Starbucks. Now, you know. Kawasaki-san comes from the popular Streamer Coffee shop in Harajuku and uses the same beans.

Turret Coffee3

Espresso is served in ochoko, traditionally used for drinking saké.

This sign is a welcome site in the early morning. Turret Coffee has about five counter seats and two very small tables with chairs. The shop is opened seven days a week, and opens at 7 a.m. Monday – Saturday. It is located just near the Hibiya station exit #1 or #2. Just about three minutes from the main crossing of Harumi Dori and Shin-Ohashi Dori of Tsukiji’s Outer Market.

Tsukiji will never be the same.

Turret Coffee

Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 2-12-6 中央区築地2-12-6






10 Comments Add yours

  1. Sumi Sousa says:

    Awesome Yukari! And long overdue!

    1. I hope that you would approve. Your palate for coffee is much more refined than mine. 🙂 Hope you are back soon.

  2. monsterbeng says:

    very near to New Castle Curry! we should support these young entrepreneurs. excellent coffee…!!

    1. Jonas says:

      Best flat white I’ve ever had. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

      1. Konnichiwa, Jonas,

        I didn’t know Kawasaki-san is serving flat whites. I’ll try one. Arigato, for the great tip! Yukari

    2. Love New Castle Curry, almost as much the Old Castle Curry. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Takahashi Ogawa says:

    It was so nice to meet you and your friend Miwa at Turret Coffee this morning on my way to the Edo Museum. My Turret Latte was perfect!

    1. Arigato, Jennifer san. Lovely meeting you. Hope we bump into one another again, someday!

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