Gotta Get – Fresh Green Tea


It has been incredibly hot in Tokyo this last week. Record high for the month of October, 31 degrees C yesterday, almost 88 degrees F. I tend to drink a lot of water while out in the city, but another favorite, if I can find it, are these green tea bottles. Powdered green tea, sometimes sencha, or sencha mixed with mattcha, is in the cap of the bottle of water. When you twist open the cap the tea falls into the water. Just shake up the bottle and you have cold, fresh green tea. There are a few shops in Tsukiji Market selling this. Usually you’ll see it in front of a tea shop in a big bucket of ice.

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  1. Oliver says:

    Dear Yukari~
    Thank you for all your insights and for sharing so much of your vast knowledge! I cannot wait to try this matcha tea! When at Tsukiji I am overwhelmed by the varietal nori/laver selection. I have read that the better nori is darker in hue, but I would appreciate any help with nori/laver purchasing. I will be using it with uonuma rice for onigiri and sushi…
    Thank you Yukari for your wonderful posts!

  2. I always consult with the different shops when buying anything, nori, tea, etc. Curious, where do you buy your nori at in Tsukiji? Do you have a copy of my book, Food Sake Tokyo?

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