Japanese Baseball


We’ve been to a few baseball games this summer. One thing that I find amazing is that you can bring in your own food and beverages, even alcohol. However, the stadiums are very strict about not allowing glass or cans. So, as long as you can find your saké (or wine) in soft packaging, you are free to bring it in.

We filled a small styrofoam box with small packs of saké – that even come with miniature straws, cheese, and some Kit Kats.

These are usually sold at larger supermarkets in the saké section. Usually at room temperature, so be sure to pick them up a day or so before the game. I put ours in the freezer which was fine.

This was my favorite saké. The alcohol percentage, between 13 and 14%, is a bit on the lower side, perfect for the game. Some edamamé and sweet corn as well.

seibu4Here is Seibu Dome in Saitama. The field is covered, but not completely, so you can feel the breeze coming through. The most interesting thing is the different cheers that the audience does for each baseball player. At first it’s frustrating to hear, but after a while it just becomes background noise. Or, maybe I had had enough saké that it didn’t matter to me any more.

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