Narita Airport Eats – Na no Sato 菜の里


A flight out of Narita airport is usually an international flight. Which often means having a lot of waiting time at the airport. Don’t make the mistake that I’ve done in the past, to go past immigrations thinking you’ll find something to eat close to the gate. Be sure to eat BEFORE immigrations. Lots of options including sushi, tonkatsu, and ramen. And, there are restaurants, like Na no Sato, that do a variety of Japanese dishes.

Most of the restaurants have impressive plastic food displays clearly showing what is included in each meal and the price. No worry about anything getting lost in translation here.


This set meal has a sign that says that it was the most popular item ordered last month. For 1,580 JPY (about $16 USD) there is sashimi, tempura, tonkatsu, pickles and other vegetable dishes, as well as rice, miso soup, and even a light dessert.


And, how impressive is this? The meal resembles the plastic food in the display case.

Narita Airport, Terminal 1, Central Building, 4th floor

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