Blue Moon in Tokyo


A new craft beer, Blue Moon, has arrived to Tokyo. Blue Moon is something we drank from time to time when we lived in New York City. It’s refreshing, citrusy, and light on the palate. I can imagine that it will be very popular in Japan. Craft beers in Japan are very hot with many new bars opening up serving a variety of domestic and imported craft beer. Blue Moon’s timing could not be better for entering the market in Japan.

Blue Moon2

Keith Villa, head brewmaster and founder of Blue Moon, was recently in Tokyo to launch the craft beer in its newest destination. The first venues to carry Blue Moon include:

Craft Hands in Azabu Juban

Tavern Meat and Bakery in Naka-Meguro

Craftheads in Shibuya

Cataratas in Shibuya

Beard in Meguro

Mardi Gras in Ginza

Blue Moon3

Unfortunately Blue Moon is currently only being sold at bars. Hopefully it will be soon sold retail. I did get a bottle to bring home, along with an orange, at the launch party. I was inspired to make a carpaccio style dish using the orange. This simple octopus carpaccio with an orange vinaigrette was a nice partner to Blue Moon. Blue Moon has hints of orange, coriander and is creamy. Welcome to Tokyo – look forward to seeing you around town at more places.

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