Popular Egg Dishes in Japan

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper released results of a survey of popular egg dishes in Japan. Many of these are dishes we make at home. The one big difference of living in Japan and when we lived in New York City is that we only eat raw eggs in Japan. Also, our oven in Japan has a steam function making it very easy to make chawanmushi, a savory egg custard.

If you love eggs, then learning how to make the savory dashimaki (rolled omelet) or the sweeter version tamagoyaki is essential. Dashimaki is more prevalent in the Kansai region while tamagoyaki is more popular in the Kantō region. Buying a tamagoyaki pan will help make rolling the omelet a snap.

Japan’s most popular egg dishes are:

1. Omuraisu (ketchup flavored rice enveloped in an omelet)

2.  Tamago kake gohan (raw egg and soy sauce over rice)

3. Dashimaki (savory, juicy rolled omelet)

4. Chawanmushi (savory egg custard)

5. Omuretsu (Western style omelet)

6. Tamagoyaki (sweet rolled omelet)

7.  Medamayaki (sunny side up fried egg)

8. Yu de tamago (boiled egg)

9. Onsen tamago (soft-boiled egg)

10. Tamago sando (egg salad sandwich)

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