Tokyo Pancakes and Morning Sweets

Pancakes are the hot, hot item in Tokyo now. While they are being served all over the city, for some reason many of the restaurants seem to be near Harajuku and Omotesando. Perhaps to reach out to the young, female market that come to this area for shopping?

Eggs ‘n Things in Harajuku, Matsunosuke NY Tokyo in Daikanyama, Cafe Kaila in Omotesando, Bill’s Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando, Sarabeth’s in Harajuku, San Francisco Peaks in Harajuku (Jingumae 3-28-7), Rainbow Pancake in Harajuku, and Sunday Jam in Harajuku.

Many of these are branches of restaurants originally from abroad in places like NYC, Hawaii, and Australia. I mention that as Japanese “hotcakes” are too sweet for my palate.

And, thanks to James Hadfield for reminding me of Slappy Cakes from Portland which opened today at the new Lumine Est in Shinjuku.

This has sparked a trend of other places servings sweets in the morning with items like granola, muffins and scones. As well, a few places now serving American style pies and cakes.

Hudson Market Bakers at Azabu-Juban 1-8-6 for coffee cake and muffins.

Bubby’s at Akasaka 1-12-31, Ark Mori Bldg. 2F, for American style pies.

Kyle’s Good Finds at Nakano-ku, Aragi 2-7-10 for cakes and pies.

Good Morning Tokyo at Meguro-ku, Nakamachi 1-8-12-103 for granola (mattcha flavored) and muesli.

Daylesford Organic in Aoyama (Jingumae 5-51-8) for British-style breakfast.

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