What and Where to Eat in Tokyo

Iron Chef Kimio Nonaga at Nihonbashi Yukari

Iron Chef Kimio Nonaga at Nihonbashi Yukari

Updated May, 2016

I often am asked for restaurant suggestions in Tokyo. Wow. Where does one begin? The food is amazing, from the high end kaiseki restaurants and sushi counters to the neighborhood ramen shop or izakaya. Even on a budget it is very easy to eat well in Tokyo.

Let me put here just some of my recommendations of restaurants based on the types of food one should try when visiting. Also, one should consider location as the city is so big and there are so many great restaurants, it may not be necessary to traverse the metropolis.

Sushi – Ginza Harutaka or Kyubey for high end. Both are in Ginza.

Tonkatsu – Maisen (Omotesando) or Katsukura (Shinjuku)

Soba – Yabu Soba (Kanda) or Kanda Matsuya (Kanda)

Tempura – Kondo (Ginza), Zezankyo (Monzennakacho), or Tenko (Kagurazaka)

Value-priced tempura – Tenmatsu (Nihonbashi)

Tofu – Tofuya Ukai (Shiba Koen)

Pickles – Kintame (Tokyo Station or Monzennakacho)

Meat – New York Grill and Bar (Shinjuku) is on the top of my list as there is an Argentine chef, Federico Heinzmann, who knows what he’s doing when it comes to steak. If you want to eat Kobe Beef, come here. Alternatively Ukaitei teppanyaki (Ginza or Omotesando)

Izakaya – Yamariki (Morishita) or Saiseisakaba (Shinjuku or Monzennakacho)

Kaiseki – Nihonbashi Yukari  (Nihonbashi), Waketokuyama (Hiroo), Kikunoi (Akasaka)


Ramen – Ginza Kagari is my favorite at the moment. Afuri for the yuzu shio is also excellent. Alternatively,  Ippudo (Ueno) or Kyushu Jangara (Nihonbashi or Harajuku)

Unagi – Nodaiwa (Higashi Azabu)

Monjayaki – Okame Hyottoko Ten (Tsukishima)

Yakitori – Birdland (Ginza) or Isehiro (Kyobashi)

Oden – Otafuku (Asakusa) or Ogura (Ginza)

My short list of where to drink in Tokyo.

A similar list of culinary highlights in Tokyo from Indagare.

I have also contributed to these great food guides for:

Saveur Tokyo City Guide

Punch Tokyo City Guide


17 thoughts on “What and Where to Eat in Tokyo

    • Arigato! I needed to put the list together for myself so now when anyone asks I can just refer them to this list.
      Cheers, Yukari

    • where are you visiting from? enjoy Tokyo! Great time for seafood if you like sashimi and sushi and grilled fish and more…..

      • i’m from jakarta! leaving tonight and very excited!!! just saw your post on tsukiji fish market. can’t wait to try the sushi there. 🙂

  1. Very fun! You must have some good Japanese restaurants in Jakarta.

    Enjoy Tsukiji Fish Market and enjoy the sushi!


  2. Thank you so much, I just discovered your blog and I love it. I’m a french chef working in my garden in Moorea French Polynesia. I’ll be in Tokyo and Kyoto for 2 weeks in july and will love to take cooking class do you have any adress?? I will try the sushi and ramen restaurant with my husband that you named. We are great fan of unagi don do you have any adress????
    Thank you so much for your blog,

    • Thanks for your kind words. I spent two weeks in Tahiti and loved it. You are very lucky to live and work there. For cooking classes, please see Elizabeth Andoh’s A Taste of Culture in Tokyo. I think she has some classes this summer. Have you tried anago? If you like unagi, I think you’ll like anago, which is even more delicate. Tamai is my favorite in Nihonbashi. It is just around the corner from Takashimaya department store.


      As for unagi, I also love Nodaiwa. It is in my book, Food Sake Tokyo.

  3. I couldnt express how thankful i happened to see your blog and enjoying each and everyone reading them. There is so much to see and eat and yet so little time but after stumbling to your blog makes it a little bit easier for me and my wife who will be travelling in 2 more days(woohoo!) to kyoto, osaka, nara and tokyo. love your blog!!

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