International Supermarkets in Tokyo

Nissin - photo by Steve Trautlein
Nissin - photo by Steve Trautlein

There is a great article in today’s Japan Times by my former editor at Metropolis, Steve Trautlein. It outlines some of the best supermarkets that offer a wide variety of international products. Some of my personal favorites in this list include Nissin (see photo above), Seijo Ishii, Kaldi, and Eataly.

Click here for Steve’s article.

Click here for my blog on where Tokyoite’s shop for food.

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    1. yukarisakamoto says:

      My pleasure. Nissin is great but depending on where you live it may not be convenient. What is nice about Kaldi and Seijo Ishii is that they have branches throughout the city. I have one each very close to where I live so end up doing most of my shopping for these products at these stores. Also, Seijo Ishii has a nice selection of sake and shochu too. Cheers, Yukari

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