Gotta Get: Ra-yu Salmon Flakes

Hakodate Asahi Sake Fure-ku Uma Karai Ra-yu Shitate
Hakodate Asahi Sake Fure-ku Uma Karai Ra-yu Shitate

Salted salmon flakes are a popular topping for a hot bowl of rice. It is sold in a small glass jar and found is most supermarkets. Shinji came home the other day with a new product we had never seen before, ra-yu (chili oil) flavored salmon flakes. Taberu ra-yu is a very popular product still, having seen its boom a while back. So we were not surprised to see that someone had the brilliant idea to combine the spicy chili oil with salmon flakes.

Ra-yu flavored salmon flakes
Ra-yu flavored salmon flakes

It’s a hit in our house and I plan on trying it with fried rice and maybe some angel hair pasta. The flakes are made by the Goshoku Group.

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  1. Gen Kanai says:

    Interesting. I wonder if this can be simulated by mixing salmon flakes and ra-yu (as opposed to buying this product mixed.)

    1. yukarisakamoto says:

      If you try to make this from scratch I would suggest diluting the ra-yu with sesame oil as straight ra-yu may be too spicy.

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