July Japanese Seasonal Seafood


Following is a list of seasonal seafood for July. Look for these in the market or if you are going out for sushi. Some of our personal favorites include ayu (salted and grilled), shitabirame (meuniere), shijimi (miso soup), benisake (salted and grilled), and for sashimi – surumeika, kinmedai, takabe, and isaki.

Ayu あゆ 鮎 sweetfish (Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis)

Benisake べにさけ 紅鮭 sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Inada いなだ  鰍 young amberjack (or yellowtail) (Seriola quinqueradiata) wakashi, inada, warasa, buri

Isaki いさき  伊佐幾 chicken grunt (Parapristipoma trilineatum)

Katsuo かつお 鰹 skipjack tuna (or bonito) (Katsuwonus pelamis)

Kinmedai きんめだい 金目鯛 splendid alfonsino (Beryx splendens)

Maaji まあじ 真鯵 Japanese jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus)

Mejimaguro めじまぐろ young tuna (genusThunnus) if it is a young bluefin tuna it will be called honmeji, if it is a young yellowfin tuna it will be called kinmeji.

Shijimi しじみ 蜆 Corbicula clams (or water clams) (Corbicula japonica)

Shiro ika しろいか 白烏賊 or Kensaki ika swordtip squid (Loligo edulis)

Shitabirame したびらめ 舌平目 (or ushinoshita) four line tongue sole(Arelia bilineat)

Surumeika するめいか 鯣烏賊 Japanese common squid (or flying squid) (Todarodes pacificus)

Suzuki すずき 鱸 Japanese sea bass (Lateolabrax japonicus)

Takabe たかべ yellow-striped butterfish (Labracoglossa argentiventris)

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