Yubakichi in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market 京都錦市場の湯波吉

Yubakichi Nishiki
Yubakichi Nishiki
Yuba Namakohikiage
Yuba Namakohikiage
Yubakichi Interior
Yubakichi Interior

Yubakichi’s rich history dates back to 1790. The delicate yuba is made using domestic soybeans. The yuba has a light sweetness to it. You will find both dried and fresh yuba. The fresh yuba is creamy and has a nice texture. This can be served with just wasabi and soy sauce.

Yubakichi 湯波吉

10:00 – 18:00, closed Sundays and the 4th Wednesday of each month


www.kyoto-nishiki.or.jp/shop/yubakichi/yubakichi.htm (Japanese)

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