Umezono in Asakusa 浅草の梅園

Umezono's Signature Awa Zenzai
Umezono's Signature Awa Zenzai
Umezono in Asakusa
Umezono in Asakusa

Umezono 梅園

Taito-ku, Asakusa 1-31-12 台東区浅草1-31-12

Phone: 03-3841-7580

10:00 – 20:00, closed Wednesdays and 2nd Tuesday (Japanese)

Just off of the Nakamise Dori the corner shop is easy to recognize from the red paper umbrella and benches in front of the shop. Umezono in Asakusa, opened in 1854, has a strong following for anmitsu, oshiruko, soup-like sweets including azuki an paste, fruits, kanten and mochi dango. Their signature dish, awa zenzai, one of the most popular Asakusa sweets, warms up the body on cold days. The awa (a small grain) is cooked slowly steamed until tender and presented in a lacquer bowl with some sweet azuki paste. The menu has a full selection of traditional sweets to enjoy inside the café and several of their popular sweets are packaged to go like dorayaki, anmitsu, and mitsumame.

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