Mugitoro in Asakusa 浅草のむぎとろ

Mugitoro in Asakusa
Mugitoro in Asakusa
Mugitoro in Asakusa
Mugitoro in Asakusa

Mugitoro うぎとろ

Taito-ku, Kaminarimon 2-2-4 台東区雷門2-2-4

phone 03-3842-1066

11:00 – 21:00, no holidays (Japanese)

Mugitoro is next to the Komagatado temple. The entrance to the 6-story modern building has red paper umbrellas and benches. As there is usually a line to get in, this is a welcome site. Mugitoro’s signature dish is rice cooked with barley (mugi) and topped with grated yamaimo potato. When the potato is grated it creates a thick, creamy, slippery slurry, in Japanese called tororo. Hence, the name of the restaurant is Mugitoro. The meals here are based around this dish, served with a variety of small plates. In front of the shop is a menu board with photos of popular dishes.

There is a small gift shop in the front of the shop. Mugitoro has created a line of rice crackers based on sticky rice, but combined with the tororo. The sandaime cracker, also called nuremochi, is a rice cracker soaked in soy sauce, not crispy like most, but chewy and moist. The signature cracker, Satochan, is a crispy cracker topped with black sesame seeds. If you like sweets, the tororinto, is surrounded with artisanal brown sugar from Amami Oshima in Okinawa.

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