Kappabashi – Pottery at Dengama

Kappabashi landmark
Kappabashi landmark

Near the Asakusa temple district is Kappabashi, an area where chefs and restaurateurs come to buy anything they need to set up shop. Open to the general public, it is a great destination for anyone who likes to cook at home. It is an easy area to navigate as most of the shops line a major street. There are several pottery shops, but one of my favorite is Dengama, just next to the police box (koban). The two floors of the shop offer everything from teapots, rice bowls, chopstick rests (hashioki), and much more. There is a shipping service, often next day. The shop is oven seven days a week.

Dengama 田窯


Nishi-Asakusa 1-4-3  台東区西浅草1−4−3

Tel. 03-5828-9355

www.kappabashi.or.jp/shops/101.html (Japanese)

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