2017 Tsukiji Tuna by the Numbers

Today is the first day that Tsukiji Market is open, and the first tuna auction. The most expensive is called #1 tuna, ichiban maguro, and went for 74,200,000 JPY ($632,000 USD). The buyer was a popular sushi chain, Sushi Zanmai. The president, Kiyoshi Kimura, has bought the #1 tuna for the last six years running….

2016 Tsukiji Market Record Tuna by Numbers

This year’s most expensive tuna sold at 14,000,000 JPY or roughly $117,220 US dollars. The bluefin tuna weighed about 200 kg (about 440 pounds). The price per kilogram was about 70,000 JPY or roughly $585 US dollars. The tuna came from Ohma in Aomori prefecture and was caught on January 3rd. The tuna was bought…