Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction Closed Until January 21

The end of the year brings on the biggest sales for many food and beverage companies in Japan. In particular, Tsukiji Market is extremely busy in December and the beginning of January. The market has announced that the tuna auction is closed for this time of year and will reopen to the public on January 21. Until that time the outer market is still open to the public. Click here for the market calendar through the end of the year to see which days to avoid. Here is the Tsukiji Market 2013 calendar.



Tsukiji Market Calendar 2013

Kibun Satsuma-age (fish cakes)

UPDATE as of 1/2/2013: Tsukiji Market move to Toyosu has been pushed back one year to March of 2015.

If you are planning to visit Tsukiji Market in 2013 it is best to consult the official market calendar here and avoid days highlighted in red or purple:


New rules for visiting tuna auction are stated here:


There is a lot to see in the outer market and that is open to the general public. It has become a very popular destination and is very busy on Saturdays. Of course there are plenty of good restaurants that are open to the public. Some of my favorites are here:

Sushi at Tsukiji

Cheap Eats at Tsukiji Market