Nuts and Nori


Nuts and sea vegetables are a new snack for me. The idea was introduced to me by chef friend of mine. My friend was in Tokyo and while here she was on the hunt for a special type of aonori. We looked throughout Tsukiji Market and finally came across what she was looking for. She said she wanted to bring some home to make this dish with nuts.

This is a simple dish to whip together. Take some raw nuts, fry in oil at low heat. Take the nuts out of the oil and then I quickly fry the aonori in the oil and then add to the nuts and season with salt. This dish above is with cashew nuts.


Walnuts and aonori.

Nori Peanuts

Peanuts and aonori.


This is the aonori that we used for the nuts and nori. I blogged about it in January as the aonori is also nice in dashimakitamago. These nuts and nori goes well with saké as well as wine, both red and white, and beer.

Gotta Get – Aonori


Tamagoyaki with Aonori

I was at Tsukiji Market with a chef friend helping her track down aonori. She was on a mission. She didn’t want to leave Japan without some. There are several shops in the outer market of Tsukiji and we visited about five of them before we found exactly what she was looking for. Aonori is a type of sea vegetable that is deep, emerald green and very aromatic. We came across flakes and a powder-like type, often sprinkled on takoyaki or okonomiyaki, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

The shopkeeper told us that that a famous tamagoyaki shop in the outer market, Shōrō, uses the aonori in their savory omelet. Here is my version using the aonori. It adds a whole new dimension to the dish.

She said that she wanted to bring it home to make a Chinese-style dish where the aonori is served with deep-fried peanuts.


The peanut and aonori dish is addictive. It is made from raw peanuts. And, it goes very well with sake.


Here is the package of aonori from Tsukiji Market.Image

This aonori grows in the water just where the fresh water from the river flows into the ocean. It’s rich in aroma, vegetal, and excellent when fried up a bit and added to the peanuts. Definitely worth picking up if you are visiting Japan.