Okuda Shouten Shiten in Kappabashi for Bamboo Products

Okuda Shouten Shiten

Okuda Shouten Shiten

This shop features bamboo products. Strainers, steamers, bamboo baskets for soba, tempura, or for large strainers, chopsticks, handai for making sushi rice, bento boxes, bowls for miso soup. I have picked up many items here including long cooking chopsticks, otoshibuta (wooden drop lids for pots), and a large, bamboo basket that I take to the market. The basket is square shaped and can be filled with many items. This is one of my favorite shops on the Kappabashi Street.

Okuda Shouten Shiten オクダ商店支店

Taito-ku, Nishi-Asakusa 1-5-10

Phone: 03-3844-4511

www.kappabashi.or.jp/shops/32.html (Japanese)