Hanami 101

Each spring cherry trees around Tokyo blossom while friends, families, and co-workers gather under the blossoms to enjoy the ritual of hanami. If you are lucky to be in Tokyo this week, it is the quintessential Japanese experience. A few tips on how to best enjoy hanami. Most essential is to pick up a bentō. The best place…

Wine Fair at Shinjuku Isetan

Isetan in Shinjuku is hosting an international wine fair starting Wednesday, February 22nd to Monday, February 27th. The event takes place on the 6th floor and closes at 6 p.m. on Monday. Highlights include a wide selection of Japanese wine, including my favorite Japanese winery, Coco Farm and Winery in Tochigi. There is of course…

Tuscan Food Fair at Shinjuku Isetan

Now through Monday, October 10th, at Shinjuku Isetan on the 6th floor, is a food festival promoting the great food and wine of Tuscany. From pizza to gelato to wine, there is a wide variety of products available. Note that the event ends at 6 p.m. on Monday.

Top Ten Depachika in Tokyo 東京のデパ地下

Working at the sake section of the depachika in  Nihonbashi Takashimaya was loads of fun. As a sommelier it was my job to sell wine but my responsibilities also included selling sake, shochu, and other spirits. Who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by amazing food all day long? My breaks were spent carefully perusing the floor for new items….