New Shops in Tokyo

Tokyo has some unique cafés where customers can play with cats, dogs, and rabbits. I was surprised to hear that there is a bird cafés, yes, more than one. There is a Falconer’s Café in Mitaka and the Tori ga Iru Café in Kiba (Koto-ku, Kiba 2-6-7) where you can see an owl, hawk, parrot, or parakeet.

Qusca in Akasaka is a ladies only café for sleeping and relaxing in Akasaka (Akasaka 2-14-3, Sakaeya Shimizu Bldg. 2F). Check out their website. The shop opened in December of 2012. It offers many services besides the napping room (complete with beds and aromatherapy). It is also a place to recharge. There are power outlets to recharge your laptop, a complimentary buffet of light snacks and drinks, free wifi, a make-up space with cosmetics and hair accessories, and the café also serves light meals (added cost for the meals). The pricing is simply 150 yen for every ten minutes.

Now through May 12th at Tokyo Station’s Ichibangai Okashi Land is Happy Turn‘s sembei shop (Tokyo Station, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Ichibangai B1, . Happy Turn is a rice cracker made by Kameda. Here you can try new flavors like strawberry, mattcha, camembert cheese, and maple.


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