Towari Soba Shochu 十割蕎麦焼酎


Part of the beauty of shochu is that it is made from a variety of base ingredients. While sweet potato (imo) and barley (mugi) are very popular, it is worth exploring the others, such as buckwheat (soba). This Towari is rich and intense. The aroma of buckwheat is undeniable. This comes from the unique koji that is also made with buckwheat.

Towari is made in Miyazaki prefecture. It is 25% alcohol. The shochu can be had any way, straight, on the rocks, or with hot water.

The perfect food pairing is with soba noodles. As it is a rich shochu, I also like it with richer foods such as deep-fried dishes or well seasoned dishes such as a miso marinated fish.

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