Kagoshima Food Fair at Ikebukuro Tobu 大鹿児島展

Kagoshima Meat Bento

Kagoshima Meat Bento

Kagoshima prefecture in the southern island of Kyushu is famous for its shochu, meat, and Satsuma-age deep-fried fish cakes, among much more. Thursday, February 9th to Tuesday, February 21st, Ikebukuro Tobu is hosting a Kagoshima food fair on the 8th floor.

Highlights include the tabekurabe bento (photo above) with three types of meat: kurobuta (pork), Satsuma chicken, and wagyu. There is also an eat-in area with miso ramen topped with grilled pork. The event also includes shochu – Japan’s distilled spirit, often made from sweet potato in Kagoshima.

* Note that the event closes at 5 p.m. on February 15th and on the 21st.

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2 thoughts on “Kagoshima Food Fair at Ikebukuro Tobu 大鹿児島展

  1. Kagoshima is renowned for its kurobuta, right? The nikuman vendors like to announce when they are selling kurobutaman, if memory serves me well.

    Food fairs from the prefectures are a highlight of being in Japan, and although I visit many of the department stores simply for the food halls, it’s hard to predict whether or not a depato will be holding a food fair…or is it? Do you have a list of when these events take place, as opposed to visiting each company’s website and searching? Nihongo mo daijoubu. Thanks, from http://buildingmybento.wordpress.com/.

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