Shochu 焼酎 – Shiro しろ


Perhaps the most asked question I have is what is a good shochu to start with for those who are new to shochu. A rice based shochu is a good place to start as it is usually light, easy-drinking, and clean, much like rice. A good brand to start with is Hakutake Shiro, referred to simply as Shiro. It is made with shiro koji, a white koji, that produces delicate shochu.

Kumamoto prefecture is famous for its kome jochu (rice shochu).

Shiro しろ

Made in Kumamoto

Made by Takahashi Shuzo

Kome (rice) shochu

25% alcohol


Shiro is great on the rocks, or in the winter I like it with hot water. It is also an excellent mixer for cocktails. Mix it with fresh juice.

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