Kimchi Yokocho キムチ横丁 2/2

Daiichi Bussan Kimchi
Daiichi Bussan Kimchi

Marukin まるきん

Taito-ku, Higashi Ueno 2-19-1 台東区東上野2-19-1

Tel. 03-3832-4549 (Japanese)

Daiichi Bussan 第一物産

Taito-ku, Higashi Ueno 2-15-5 台東区東上野2-15-5

Tel. 03-3831-1323 (Japanese)

Konan Foods コーナンフーズ

Taito-ku, Higashi Ueno 2-15-5 台東区東上野2-15-5

Tel. 03-3831-2017

no website

The handful of shops here specialize in handmade kimchi, meats for cooking at home, and ingredients for cooking Korean food at home including spices, reimen (cold noodles), sauces for yakiniku, kochujan, sesame oil, tea, nori, and more. Shops to look for include Marukin, Daiichi Monosan , and Koumen Foods. Some of the items, in particular, the Korean nori, is also sold in the Ameyoko market.

The variety of kimchi is impressive including hakusai (Napa cabbage), kakuteki (daikon), wakegi (negi or leeks), goma no ha (sesame leaves), aotogarashi (green chili peppers), and more.

There are several restaurants featuring yakiniku, bibimpa, chijimi, reimen, and other popular Korean dishes. Be sure to poke your head into the narrow side streets that have.

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