Ameyoko’s Iseoto Shouten 伊勢音商店

Katsuobushi from Iseoto Shouten
Katsuobushi from Iseoto Shouten

Iseoto Shouten 伊勢音商店

Taito-ku, Ueno 6-4-10 台東区上野6-4-10

Tel. 03-3831-4411

9:00 – 19:00, no holidays (Japanese)

Iseoto’s history can be traced back to 1876.  The shop specializes in katsuobushi and other products for making dashi. You can smell the smoked, and dried katsuo flakes. The products are placed in wooden barrels that fall into the street.

These are top quality katsuobushi, aged longer than most. Packs of katsuobushi are available for making dashi, or for using as a topping over tofu and steamed vegetables. The shop also sells kombu, dried shiitake, dried surumeika (great snack), dried kaibashira, niboshi, etc. You can also purchase a box for shaving katsuobushi at home. Or, purchase the shaved flakes here. You can also get tororo, thin shaved strips of kombu used for soups or for wrapping around rice.

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